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Is Outsourcing CAD Services a Better Way?

Posted by Diane Mitol on Fri, Sep 02, 2011 @ 02:56 PM

The Pros

The business model of outsourcing has created highly effective and profitable opportunities for businesses to effectively lower overhead while expanding services and productivity. This model makes sense for many businesses, especially those who utilize CAD technology. CAD is a specialized genre with expensive advanced equipment and software. CAD technicians are specialized workers, requiring higher compensation with more advanced skills and accreditations.  Outsourcing CAD makes sense for the CAD supplier in terms of optimal use of space and equipment for use on many jobs versus a handful of similar projects including those requiring more advanced techniques.  

From a technological perspective, housing equipment, software, and technicians in a single company allows for a broad range of expertise that may not be achieved by the needs of one industry.  Outsourcing allows for a wider basis of knowledge to be accessed by a company who contracts with outsourced CAD.  Technology used for one industry may be easily applied to another industry creating more accurate representations.  Technicians who are actively engaged in many applications are able to present the possibility of better uses of technology to client companies thereby increasing their value to the client.

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