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What Is Open BIM? And Why Is It Important?

Posted by Diane Mitol on Fri, May 16, 2014 @ 05:44 PM

What Is Open BIM?  And Why Is It Important?

BIM, or Building Information Management, is a design process that uses intelligent 3D models.  These 3D models are better able to simulate the finished project than traditional 2D CAD.  With better simulation come improved visualization, communication and collaboration among the various project stakeholders.   Therefore BIM generally improves the ability to reach project and business goals.

With collaboration being an important aspect of most AEC projects,  even small scale projects that use a traditional CAD approach can run into challenges when architects, engineers, the general contractor and various sub-contractors have differing priorities based upon their trade or the organization that they represent.

These differing priorities can result in a lack of workflow coordination, lost information during data conversion between parties, lack of understanding of data between parties, duplication of building data as each party maintains his/her “turf,” missed follow-up of design changes between the trades,  and general miscommunication. 

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