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Advantages of 2D to 3D CAD Conversion

Posted by Diane Mitol on Mon, Apr 02, 2012 @ 02:36 PM

Advantages of 2D to 3D CAD Conversion

 In today’s design world, 3D models are the preferred option for easy visualization.  So, what do you do with all of your legacy 2D CAD drawings when you move to a 3D design system, such as Revit, Solid Works, Catia, or another 3D program? 

The process of converting a 2D drawing into a 3D model can seem complicated, even when using some of the popular 3D modeling tools like AutoCAD, SolidEdge and Microstation.  Two of the most important parts of the conversion process are (1) understanding the process itself; and, being well-schooled in the software that you’re using.  Remember that the aim of this technology is to simplify the process of creating 3D part models from existing 2D CAD drawings.

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Convert 2D to 3D

Posted by Diane Mitol on Thu, Sep 08, 2011 @ 04:56 PM

It is human nature and desire to want to see an object and understand visually oriented objects that they deal with. 3D models eliminate communication uncertainties and can save businesses time and money that is otherwise wasted while reworking designs.
2D drawings are quickly fading away as a memory of the past in the modern design world. The upside of the 3D model provides many more opportunities and advantages and is the staple moving forward in industry today. While some companies will still have some remnants of days past with some 2D CAD designs still in their systems, the technology, and the pace that it moves going forward, will make 3D Cad design the standard. This is why it makes sense to update your system using the Cad conversion service to ensure you do not get left behind in the technological times.
Another advantage to upgrading is that if you have a 3D model of your product, that very same 3D model can be used in the manufacturing process during production. When it comes to deciding on whether to upgrade or not, you should also know that the visual concept that solid modeling provides during the concept of new products will be extremely useful in rapid prototyping of your product.

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